Basic Information

Residents & Non Residents

The categories of residents and non residents of Sri Lanka (residents outside Ceylon) are defined in the Government Gazette No. 15007 dated 21.04.1972.


Current & Capital Transactions
Electronic Fund Transfer Cards

Terms and conditions in making payments in foreign exchange to a person resident outside Sri Lanka by a person in or resident in Sri Lanka by his electronic fund transfer card (EFTC) are specified in Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 1789/34 of 20.12.2012.


Import/Export, Buy/Sell Gold

General permission for buying and selling gold in Sri Lanka and import of gold into the country and export of gold from Sri Lanka has been granted in terms of the Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 1263/10 of 22.11.2002.


Remittance of funds in advance to obtain student VISA
Foreign Travel Cards